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12 Secrets for gaining mass


12 Secrets for gaining mass

12 Secrets for gaining massThis article explains the twelve secrets of effectively building muscle, which can be very useful for prospective bodybuilders. You can learn how to quickly build muscle mass by using some of the best training strategies.

My 12 Secrets for gaining mass

  1. The first step in the direction of building muscle starts with a search for professional trainers who exactly knows what it takes to gain weight and of course, keep a distance from the suggestions provided in the magazines.
  2. You need to rethink on your eating habits and shift to organic food. The food you are eating actually defines how you are going to look.  You will definitely look like garbage if your food intake consists of mainly junk food such as hamburgers.
  3. You should pay attention to your metabolic rate and plan your diet accordingly.
  4. Your workout routine should consist of exercises with 8-12 rep range.
  5. You should limit the range of your tempos from 3-1-3 to 4-1-4.
  6. You shouldn’t stress your muscles beyond 60 seconds for each lift. The short-duration  strain and stress on the muscle fibers provide better release of Testosterone and growth hormones, which support the growth of muscle mass.
  7. You should not engage for more than 45 minutes in your workouts. You can increase the intensity of your workout for better stimulation of your muscles. However, if you are taking some juice or pro-hormones that provide better recover, the duration of your workout routine can be different.
  8. You should avoid cardio workouts.
  9. You should plan your workout strategy according to the muscle fiber type. You will gain better muscle mass by adopting a “medium intensity high reps” strategy if you happen to be an endurance athlete while “high-intensity  low reps” are suitable for speed athletes.
  10. You can use supplements and other things for getting better results in building muscles. The professional and amateur bodybuilders use the supplements in their gym workouts and there are no secrets on this matter.
  11. Try to understand the science behind the weight gain program, and it will allow you to build more muscle mass than the hyped pills.
  12. The way you are lifting your weight directly influences the muscle mass of your body. It becomes extremely important to hire a professional trainer to correct your motions and manage your workout routine. However, don’t waste your time in firing the trainers when you don’t get any results from your investment.

You should understand that for building muscle less is more, and you have to work hard!

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