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Menu for an Upbeat Life

In the same ways that restaurants have menus that let you choose something to eat for every course, life has a menu that can serve up an upbeat life. Each person gets to create their own personal menu of items that will make them happy. What items would you like on your menu? Knowing the answer to that could lead to your life becoming more interesting and meaningful. Consider the following:

Think about helping people less fortunate than yourself: the poor, needy, hungry, handicapped, or homeless. The list is almost endless. There are many ways to help those people, from volunteering, all the way up to donating money or a shoulder to cry on. The rewards that you get from helping in those types of ways are immeasurable. The one thing to keep in mind is that this is something you should enter into without looking for anything in return. The good feelings you get from helping should be considered reward enough. If you feel that you should receive something else, simply imagine yourself in the position of the needy.

Some of the simple things in life can make it upbeat, with music up near the top of the list. Don’t be afraid to sing and dance along to your favorite tunes, and don’t be concerned that you might not be the best. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start laughing at your own efforts. The goal of life is to have fun, so sing and dance like no-one is watching or listening, although you may want to close the windows so that the neighbors aren’t bothered.

Music isn’t just made by instruments, but also by nature. The wind whistling through the trees, a babbling brook, waves breaking on the shore or birds singing in the treetops are all a part of Mother Nature’s band. The sounds of nature can have a calming effect that fills you with optimism.

There is no way of going through life without facing some sort of trouble or adversity. Bad news can kill your mood, but ignoring it totally is not the answer. It’s okay to absorb that bad news, but never let it get to the point where it dominates the positive aspects of your life. Always keep the good at the front of your mind.

A party where there is no laughter cannot really be considered a party at all. Surround yourself with fun people and good humor to maintain an upbeat life. Some of the funniest moments are those that occur spontaneously, so allow yourself to be carried along in the flow.

There are lessons to be learned from hard times. Mistakes often lead to opportunities where none seem to exist. Take the time to find the meaning behind every event, good or bad, in your life. Don’t focus on the negative, choosing instead to always find the positive silver lining.


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