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Daily Intake Vitamin – Are Daily Vitamins Really Absorbed?


Daily Intake Vitamin – Are Daily Vitamins Really Absorbed?

The vitamins and minerals are very essential for good nutrition and health. Many people take vitamin supplements to ensure that they get sufficient quantities of recommended daily vitamin requirements. Most of these daily vitamins are taken orally. The question arises whether the vitamin supplements are adequately absorbed by our body when they get dissolved in the stomach or simply excreted. This article tries to bring some insight into the issue of absorption of our daily vitamin intake.

The active ingredients of our daily vitamin intake are released in the stomach, whether they are taken as a capsule, tablets or liquid syrups. The ingredients are further broken down into smaller particles by the strong acids present in the stomach. Most of the vitamins, depending on the specific ingredients are destroyed in this process. Moreover, the cheap binders used in the manufacturing process of poor-quality  tablets allow these ingredients to pass through the stomach and intestine and excreted by our body with very low or no absorption at all.

The pill with the enteric coating delivery system provides the best absorption of our daily vitamin intake. The enteric coating delivery system uses the cutting-edge technology in the pharmaceutical sector and only used in the manufacturing of high-end products. The pills or tablets are coated with special polymers, which are very sensitive to the specific pH level and protect the pills from disintegrating in the high acidic pH level of the stomach. After passing from the high acidity of the stomach, the specific sensitivity of the enriches coating allows the disintegration of the pills in the small intestine where the suitable pH level is present and therefore, enhance the absorption of our daily intake vitamin.

Normally, any good diet plan contains sufficient amounts of nutrients, including the recommended daily vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t stick to good diet plan and make poor food choices almost every day. Millions of people include processed foods, junk delicacies, sweets and sodas in their diet. Not only this, the experts believe that the nutritional value of even well planned diet is declining over decades due to soil degradation and use of modern chemicals and fertilizers.

The nutritional gap created by deviation from the diet plan or soil degradation can be successfully bridged by taking any good-quality  broad-spectrum  vitamin supplements to meet our recommended daily vitamin requirements. The nutritional requirements of our body are much more extensive than the mere inclusion of vitamins. While choosing your right daily vitamin intake, you must realize that vitamins and minerals are rather inexpensive ingredients in your recommended daily nutritional requirements. It has been proven that numerous anti-aging natural ingredients provide reinforced health benefits, and your body need these substances as well for supplementing your daily vitamin intake to promote your overall health and nutrition.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that any such high-quality  daily intake vitamin includes sufficient amounts of antioxidants, amino acids, bioflavonoids, certain herbal extracts, enzymes, neuro nutrients and special substances such as alpha lipoic acid, acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Carnosine, and many others. The clinical studies have established that these nutrients reinforce health and well-being by proving anti-aging benefits. However, the latest research conducted on the benefits of nutritional supplement recommend that these substances should be used in correct proportions.

It can be hard to find the right daily intake vitamins that are highly absorbable, but the reputed manufacturers use an enteric coating to enhance the bio availability of their vitamin supplements. You should read and understand the importance of ‘bio-availability’ of nutrient supplement, including vitamins and minerals as it indicate the absorption potential of your recommended daily vitamins. After all, you are taking vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure your overall health and well being.

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