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find the motivation to lose weight with mobile personal training in Wimbledon, for out of shape CEO's, Senior Executives and busy profesionals.

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Why Choose Me as Your Personal Trainer in South West London?

Over 40 Specialisation – I specialise in getting results for over-40 clients. This means working with busy professionals, business owners, and mothers who want to be slimmer, fitter, and stronger but don’t know how to fit a workout into their day. With my express mobile workouts, I bring the gym, and the solution, to you!

If you’re over 40 and in South West London, I’ll bring an affordable personal training program directly to you and get you in the best shape of your life!

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Affordable Personal Training Without Compromises

We’ve worked hard to design a personal training system that is not only convenient for our clients, but affordable as well. But we take special care to note that our affordability does not mean we’ve compromised one iota of quality. In fact, we strive to provide world class service to all of our clients, adding plenty of personal touches throughout their fitness journey.

Here are just some of the benefits included in your Slimmer, Fitter, Strong package:

Weekly Review – I meet with you once a week to check your progress, satisfaction level, and to set new goals as we achieve old ones!

Weekly Check-Ins – I like to stay in contact with my clients outside of sessions as well. These check-ins are typically done via email, and serve to see how you’re doing with your weekly goals, remind you to keep drinking water, and more. Most clients find it helpful, and I do as well!

Personalised Diet Plan – Exercise is just one half of the fitness equation – you need to be giving your body healthy, nutritious food as well. Luckily, I’m more than happy to provide you with a personalized diet plan that won’t make you fast.

Complimentary Progress Photos – Photos aren’t just the best way to track your progress, but to keep yourself motivated as well! We’ll do a quick photo session every two weeks so that you can watch the “new you” take shape. I’ll also provide you with before and after photos so you can reflect on what we accomplished together.  

In the end, you’re not just hiring be because of what I bring to the sessions, but because I’m invested in your progress. Once you become a client, you and I become a team. Our goal? To get you the body you want regardless of your schedule, age, or profession.

Mobile Personal Training Delivered Right to Your Door

The best part about working with me is that I come to you! No matter where you are, I’m more than happy to train you. Train at home, in the park, or in your office – wherever is convenient! I know how hard it is to juggle your career, family, and commute without throwing the gym into the mix. I can solve that problem by bringing the gym (and my highly-effective HEET training system) to you!

Wherever You Are, Get Ready for a Brand New You


I’m happy to bring my affordable Slimmer, Fitter, Stronger program to the entire Greater London Area in order to maximise convenience for my clients. This means that more over-40 professionals, parents, and business owners can utilize my system and start seeing results. No matter your location, no matter your schedule, I can bring the gym to you. With my mobile personal training service, the only effort you exert will be during the workouts themselves!

I currently service the following areas:










Green Park

Regents Park



Hyde park.

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