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As we age, two major things tend to change: our hormones and our priorities. Indeed, by the time we reach our 40s, we’re often far more focused on our families and careers than on maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. To make matters worse, our bodies begin to undergo a number of changes that make staying healthy harder than ever.

Men Over 40

As a man over 40 myself, I can testify to the drastic changes your body is going through. This includes less testosterone, decreased muscle mass, metabolic slowdowns, and increased insulin resistance. As this happens to us, it becomes easier than ever to pack on pounds around the midsection.

Of course, most men in their 40s are living a high-stress lifestyle that doesn’t leave much room for working out. And if that weren’t bad enough, stress itself can make us more prone to weight gain! Lastly, at this age, the collagen in our bodies starts to break down, making working out a painful process and keeping us from going to the gym as much as we should.


Women Over 40

Women are often more aware of hormonal changes than men. However, this awareness doesn’t make them immune to their own “over 40” problems. In fact, even women with an established workout routine can begin to suffer hormonal changes that make staying fit harder than ever.

For instance, estrogen and progesterone loss can drastically affect both muscle mass and mood, slowing your metabolism and causing you to put on weight no matter what you eat. At the same time, many women start to become insulin-resistant at this age, which causes out-of-control cravings for sweets and other snacks that don’t do your weight loss routine any favours.

What to Expect From HEET

Aside from the lightning-quick results my HEET system offers, one of the other reasons my clients keep coming back is that they can easily fit my programs into their busy schedules. It is an “express” workout system, after all. Just how convenient is it? How about a 90-minute workout in just 45 minutes?

With HEET, your body’s energy output will be the same as it would be if you were competing in 10 rounds of boxing! This is the sort of minimal rest, maximum rep training that allows my over 40 clients to overcome the changes their body is going through and get super-fast results. Plus, as a mobile personal trainer, I can bring HEET to YOU – no more trying to fit the gym into your workday, sweaty clothes on the tube, or trying to work out while watching the kids!

The MAJORITY of my over-40 clients come to me because they are:

  • Overweight
  • Unhappy with their body or figure
  • Struggling to find time in the day to exercise
  • Hate the fat around their midsection and stomach
  • Looking to wear clothes they love again
  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

But after just a few weeks using HEET, you can expect to:

  • Have fewer cravings for sweets and junk foods
  • Sleep better and feel more productive
  • Experience less bloating and fatigue

HEET: A Solution for All Genders, Schedules, and Ages

Over the years, I’ve had countless clients come to me to solve their Over-40 Fitness Woes. This was one of the main reasons I developed my revolutionary HEET system. Below, I’ll explain how my program can directly counteract many of the above symptoms of age, stress, and a busy lifestyle.

Hormone Issues – Every HEET workout involves strength training, which is the only activity that can naturally affect hormone production in both men and women regardless of age. At the same time that it helps get your testosterone or estrogen back on track.

Insulin Sensitivity – Insulin sensitivity may increase with age, but this isn’t an irreversible process. In fact, the strength exercises used in my HEET system can help counteract this sensitivity, lowering your blood sugar, reducing cravings, and reducing your risk of developing Type II diabetes.

Weight Gain – The combination of strength training, aerobic, and anaerobic exercises present in my HEET system make it a powerful tool for combating weight gain. In fact, these three components are the perfect recipe for burning fat both during and after workouts.

Metabolic Improvements – Your metabolism can be boosted with cardio exercises and aerobics, both of which are key components of my HEET system. In fact, my goal is to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the entire 45-minute session. This puts your metabolism on notice to start working the way it did in your youth.

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